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We recycle 100% of the confidential documents we shred


At B&M, we believe preserving the environment is essential. As well as keeping as much general waste away from landfills as possible, we also ensure that any confidential paperwork we shred is recycled responsibly too. Recycling shredding (including paper, textiles and any other components where this is viable) allows our customers to divert waste from landfill while keeping their confidential documents secure.

The process is simple; the sensitive documents produced by our customers are placed in dedicated lockable cabinets/containers, ensuring that only recyclable materials are taken to the shredder. After we have collected and shredded the confidential waste (usually done at the customer’s site by our mobile shredding machines), the shredded material is then sent to a mill where it is converted into tissue paper products and becomes re-usable once more.


There are two main environmental benefits from recycling shredding like this, it reduces the need for raw materials and the harmful processes used to obtain them, such as deforestation. It also reduces the amount of paper sent to landfills, which are rapidly running out of space.

It’s widely believed that, on a global scale, as much as 100 acres of forest are cut down every minute. It’s clear that recycling as much paper as possible is imperative to protecting our planet’s natural environment.

Environmental concerns are becoming ever more important as resources dwindle, and B&M is proud to be playing a key part in environmental preservation through our responsible recycling policies.

We are also able to recycle other materials included in our shredding service. As part of our media destruction offering, we work closely with the B&M hazardous waste disposal team to safely dispose of any chemicals in laptops and computer screens before recycling the other components where possible.

So if you’d like peace of mind and a top class compliant service, and would like to find out more please contact our team.

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