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Additional Secure Shredding Services

Uniform, ID badge and media destruction

In addition to confidential document destruction B&M secure Shredding also confidentially destroy and recycle Uniforms, ID badges and media devices.

Uniform and ID Badge destruction

Protecting your business continuity is imperative and security of your brand identity is a crucial part of that. Here at B&M Secure Shredding we offer a uniform and ID badge secure shredding and disposal service.

ID Badge and Uniform Destruction

B&M uniform destruction

Alongside our customers, we recognise that items used for security and identity purposes – for example, uniforms and ID badges – falling into the wrong hands can not only damage the brand reputation, but be a significant security issue. We offer ID badge and uniform destruction to businesses who need to protect their brand and avoid these items being used to damage the business.

The sectors which we work with include but are not limited to:

  • Airlines
  • Security firms
  • Emergency services
  • Her Majesty’s Prison Service
  • Government Offices
  • Any business with a uniform or ID security badge system


An example of the procedure we have implemented is below:

The system is based on utilising a courier service to transport work wear garments for destruction and recycling in polypropylene bags from remote locations to B&M Secure Shredding facility in Bromborough, Wirral.

Collection Process

1. Place your order via email address. Including contact details, number of bags required and order number

2. B&M will despatch the bags and pre coded pull-tight security/identifying tags, complete with a 3 part carbon copy waste transfer note.

3. Fill the bags with garments for destruction.

4. Attach a security/identifying tag to each filled bag to one of the lifting handles

5. Date and sign the waste transfer note.

6. If not all of the bags & tags are used just cross the unused ones off the list on the waste transfer note.

7. When all bags have been bagged and tagged, request collection by secure courier

8. The bags will be delivered to B&M Secure Shredding department, Bromborough, Wirral.

9. The bags will be stored in a lockable ISO secure container awaiting destruction.

Destruction Process

1. The contents of each sack will be shredded to BSI 15713

2. The Shredded textiles will be processed into Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) for energy recovery.

3. A Certificate of Destruction and Recycling Report will be issued for the returned garments and emailed to the customer

4. An invoice will be raised against the relevant order number and sent to the customer by email.

Media Destruction

Redundant office equipment taking up valuable storage space? Or simply unsure of how to dispose of your media in order to protect confidentiality?

In addition to our on-site and off-site shredding services, B&M Secure Shredding provide a media destruction service that can dispose of your computer equipment in an environmentally friendly way.

Why use B&M for Media Destruction?

  • With many different types of confidential information being stored electronically, it is important to destroy your computers and hard drives in a way that does not leave your data open to theft or misuse. We provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that is compliant with the Data Protection Act (1998).hard drive destruction
  • Some components of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) may be harmful to the environment which means they cannot be disposed of with general waste. For example, computer monitors and laptops are classed as hazardous WEEE and therefore, need disposing of in compliance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005. B&M will ensure that the relevant parts are disposed of in accordance with this and the remaining parts recycled and reused.
  •  We help you to remain environmentally friendly by recycling or reusing each component in the items you dispose of. For example, we will securely wipe and destroy hard drives in accordance with the Data Protection Act, then recycle it rather than sending it to landfill.
  • B&M can dispose of a variety of media including desktop computers and monitors, laptops, printers, CD’s, DVD’s and more.

So, to ensure that you remain compliant with all the regulations covering your media disposal, choose B&M Secure Shredding for a swift and highly accredited service based around your individual needs.