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Waste Collection for SMEs

We understand the importance of delivering a reliable service to small and medium sized organisations. B&M Waste Services can provide cost effective environmental solutions for your business. We offer the best deal for you, with a local service and a range of container solutions to suit your needs.

B&M high street SMES

We offer waste collection for SMEs around Merseyside, Manchester and North West England. Each recycling-led waste management solution is tailored for you. We focus on maintaining our commitment to recycling your waste by avoiding landfill where possible and using greener, safer alternatives. This can also help reduce your waste management costs.

Tailored to your Needs

Our team will work with you to identify the needs of your business. We’ll then offer a cost effective recycling-led waste management solution that is tailored to you. At B&M we are committed to ensuring that as much waste as possible is recycled. We can provide separate containers to deal with recyclable waste alongside containers for general waste. We’ll make sure that you are compliant with current waste legislation; meaning you no longer have to worry about your waste. We’ll also let you know which days you can expect us, so that you are always ready for your bins to be collected.

Local Waste Collection for SMEs

We have depots situated near to your business, so we can offer you a local service. If you would like to talk through the service, our admin team will be happy to speak to you on 0808 100 2434. We also operate Materials Recycling Facilities (MRFs), where we are able to sort, recover and process waste material so we can improve your environmental performance.

B&M Vehicles

You may well have seen some of our bright yellow vehicles around your local area. B&M runs an extensive fleet with both Trade and Front End Loading (FEL) collection vehicles, allowing us to service a full spectrum of businesses.

Our Fleet Team

The senior managers in our Fleet Management can boast combined transport experience of over 75 years. We pride ourselves on providing vehicles with innovative equipment to meet the business’ needs, and it’s customer’s requirements. The overall aim is to provide a varied and vast fleet that enables B&M to divert as much waste as possible from landfill.

Three members of the team hold National Road Logistics Certificate of Personal Competence Certificates. Operating legally, safely and within best guidance procedures is of the utmost importance; which is why our OCRS (Operator’s Compliance Risk Score – judged by VOSA based on accidents/audits/maintenance) is Green (which is based on a traffic light system green = excellent, amber = concern/average, red = poor) and has been Green since the inception of the OCRS system. In order to achieve these aims the Fleet Management team are active members of the FTA; and consult on relevant waste transport panels.

Essential Tools

We ensure that we provide the essential tools so that your service can be delivered; from LGV’s with front end lifting equipment to Roll-on Roll-off containers for large volumes of waste. Whatever the needs of your SME waste management service, we have the vehicles to get the job done efficiently.

We offer a total waste management solution for a variety of commercial and industrial customers. We’d be more than happy to add your business to our growing list:

TRADE CLIENTS INCLUDE: Shopping Centres, Hotels, Markets and High Street Retailers

COMMERCIAL CLIENTS INCLUDE: Managed offices, Banks, Solicitors, Estate Agents and Accountants

INDUSTRIAL CLIENTS INCLUDE: General Manufacturing, Warehousing, Food Manufacturers, Chemical Companies, Support Services and Printers

PUBLIC SECTOR ORGANISATIONS: Schools, Hospitals, Prisons, Care Homes, Colleges, Local Authority Buildings, PCTs and Doctors Surgeries

Waste and the Environment

B&M Waste Services is committed to recovering as much waste as possible. We avoid landfill by using greener, safer alternatives. We carefully consider the carbon omitted by our fleet of waste collection vehicles and are continually modifying routes to maximise efficiency. Our Carbon Neutral status since 2011 is testament to this.

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