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B&M Waste Services works with many healthcare organisations both in the private sector and the NHS to reduce the negative environmental impact, increase recycling and ensure waste management initiatives are efficient.

We understand that the pressure on healthcare organisations to remain compliant with their waste management, but work within tight budgets to manage all waste streams and hit recycling targets that reduce the carbon footprint is a challenge.

We work with our healthcare customers to reduce landfill and incineration levels, which are harmful to the environment, and, in doing so, reduce the cost of your healthcare total waste management, as recycling levels are increased:

We have found many organisations put the majority of their offensive waste into clinical waste bags and sending this to incineration, at a significant environmental and financial cost.

We will undertake a thorough waste stream audit and identify all the main waste storage locations.

Following this, we will do a full risk assessment and produce a method statement. B&M’s method statement also covers the detail of disposal of offensive waste once it leaves your site.

By introducing a clear segregation system, we can work with you to reduce your impact on the environment and help you to save money.

Our commitment to Total Waste Management means we can offer to assist with staff training, including waste operatives, domestic staff, technical staff and matrons, to ensure segregation is as effective as possible.

According to a report by the Royal College of Nursing, millions of pounds are being lost by putting offensive waste into clinical waste streams.

We offer a tailored healthcare total waste management system that can include:

Clinical Waste 
Offensive Waste
Confidential Shredding
Hazardous Waste services
Environmental Reports
State-of-the-art Waste Compactors
Risk Assessment & Method Statement
Full Site Waste Stream Audit

Some of our healthcare clients include:

Manchester Primary Care Trust
Trafford Healthcare NHS Trust
Aintree University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Alderhey Children’s Hospital
Salford Royal Infirmary

Check out our Aintree Hospital Case Study

B&M Waste Services has been working with Aintree University Hospital (AUH) since beginning to manage their general waste programme in 2010.  Following a report about potential savings to the NHS if waste is segregated correctly, AUH approached B&M to undertake an audit of the hospital’s waste segregation and disposal.

B&M designed a bespoke waste compound in accordance with AUH’s requirements including a foul drainage system, facilities to wash bins, and separate compactors for general and offensive waste. In addition, 450 bins were installed, a battery collection service was set up and a confidential shredding service was introduced in 2013.

As a result of this, clinical waste output was reduced by over 28 tonnes per month. Cardboard recycling increased from 26 tonnes in 2011 to 165 tonnes in 2013; a further 55 tonnes of mixed metals, paper and plastic have been collected in 2013 and achieved a 100% diversion from landfill.

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