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Facilities Management Waste Services

As members of the BIFM we pride ourselves on our understanding of the pressures and concerns Facilities Managers face when it comes to waste management. Not only do we offer a service that is safe and compliant and abides by all current legislation, but we treat every customer as an individual, working with them and their other facilities suppliers, to result in a stress-free and recycling focused service.

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Tailored Approach

Our national service offers a tailor-made solution, as we understand that various businesses require different processes, equipment and reporting. We produce regular environmental reports to show the waste streams, recycling levels and overall impact on the environment in terms of carbon equivalent. Working together, we assist with the implementation process as well as advising on staff training and ways in which individuals can be motivated and encouraged to segregate waste correctly. In addition, using the latest advances in technologies, we are able to segregate tenants waste accordingly in large office buildings so that invoicing can be done accurately.

We know that Facilities Management brings many pressures, and are always there to ensure the service we offer removes the worry out of safe and compliant waste management –  no matter the number of sites you’d like us to operate across.

Service-led Facilities Management Waste Provider

The services we offer which we know are relevant in the facilities management sector:

Whichever bespoke solution you choose, we work with you to achieve your objectives. And, we will continuously review and offer the latest technologies and processes to ensure the most efficient and effective service, that suits your budget.

Check out our 110 Bishopsgate Case Study and Grand Central Stockport Case Study

Prior to working with B&M, Grand Central sent all their waste to landfill. B&M initially implemented 12 x 1100 ltr General Waste containers and 6 x 1100 ltr Paper & Card Recycling Bins, in addition to internal bins for paper, plastic and can segregation. Initially, recycling levels did increase but opportunities to segregate further were spotted and separate recycling bins were introduced for food and glass recycling. As a result of this, Grand Central moved from no recycling at all to 85.7% recycled in 2013. With the introduction of B&M’s RDF facility in 2014, recycling levels are now at 100%.

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