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Moving up the waste hierarchy will put businesses ahead of Theresa May’s environmental plan

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Plastic recycling and Theresa May’s environmental plan

plasticsWith Theresa May announcing her 25 year environment plan which has a keen focus on reducing plastic waste, B&M Waste Services are encouraging businesses to concentrate efforts on moving up the waste hierarchy to reduce, re-use and recycle.

Carbon Neutral B&M Waste Services work with businesses across the country to audit their waste, and develop better waste management initiatives to achieve increased recycling and zero waste to landfill.

neil curtisNeil Curtis, Managing Director at B&M Waste said “With China’s restrictions on plastic imports and the likely impending increase in disposal and recycling in the UK, there will be a shift towards the responsibility falling on those in the manufacturing industry to streamline processes and consider sustainable packaging”

“We will now see a further increasing emphasis on businesses to firstly reduce their waste and then re-use or recycle the waste they produce.”

Neil continued “B&M Waste welcome the shift in focus on reducing the environmental impact of waste, and encourage businesses across the UK to do their bit in improving their recycling initiatives.”

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Plastic recycling and Theresa May’s environmental plan


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