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Waste Management Newcastle

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Looking for a waste management service in Newcastle? B&M Waste Services can help

It is important that businesses in Newcastle consider their waste management service carefully to ensure that they remain fully compliant with all current legislation. With increasing regulations around waste disposal and recycling, B&M Waste Services can guide you through and provide your business with a highly accredited, top level service.

We have a network of service providers around the UK; all with the same high service standards as B&M Waste. This means that we can select the service that fits best with your business and tailor it to your specific needs. Our dedicated in-house contact team will work closely with you to maintain an efficient and high-quality service, without the hassle.

Our team will help to review your waste and advise on the most efficient, cost-effective methods of waste disposal for your business. Coupled with great value for money, you can increase your recycling rates and reduce your carbon footprint with B&M Waste Services.

As a carbon neutral business since 2011, our expertise lies in diverting waste from landfill wherever possible. Whether it is utilising specialist anaerobic digestion technology to process food waste or partnering with our confidential waste service to recycle shredded confidential documents, we will strive to recycle above any other. Landfill is a costly process so your business benefits greatly from avoiding this disposal method.

We can even produce environmental reports in partnership with Carbon Footprint Ltd. These are completely bespoke to your business each month and indicate the amount of waste that you have recycled and where it is processed. You are able to track your process and carbon savings through these figures: the reports also represent your carbon savings in the form of car miles or trees saved.

So, to speak to one of the team about waste management Newcastle, contact us today or get a quote.

waste management newcastle

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