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National Waste Solutions

national waste management

Waste Management Birmingham and throughout the UK

Operating a carbon neutral waste management service in Birmingham and throughout the UK, B&M Waste Services offer business waste collection and recycling-led segregation options. With tailored service options to fit your requirements, we pride ourselves on offering cost-effective solutions and outstanding customer service.

With our network of service providers, we offer you the opportunity to streamline your waste and improve on-site efficiency. We have over ten years experience in operating nationwide and a dedicated in-house team to offer you the highest quality of service, in accordance with the B&M ethos.

First, we will help to assess your waste and evaluate your business’ needs to ensure that you are receiving the best service option for you. We then work with our network of subcontractors around the country to ensure that the service is implemented smoothly. Our focus on continuous improvement means that even after your initial waste management solution is in place, we can continue to assess your waste and even spot opportunities for improvement. This can include recycling greater quantities of a particular waste stream or installing new equipment to improve efficiency.

Specialising in improving the green credentials of your businesses in Birmingham, we believe in diverting waste from landfill by segregating your waste at source. This enables us to recycle more efficiently, in accordance with current ‘TEEP’ legislation where businesses are required to segregate high quality recyclables where ‘technically, environmentally and economically practicable’.

We can provide you with accurate monthly recycling and carbon saving figures through a bespoke environmental report, endorsed by Carbon Footprint Ltd. The amount of carbon saved each month is represented in the form of number of car miles and trees saved. This allows you to view results of the service improvements we implement and accurately report figures.

So, to find out more about our national waste collection service, get a quote or call us on 0808 100 2434.

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