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Milner House Innovation in Recycling Education Centre Get A Quote   


B&M Waste’s Recycling innovation Centre provides an interactive experience for schools, colleges and businesses alike to visit and learn about the very latest innovations in waste minimisation, reuse and recycling.

As a Carbon Neutral Waste Management company, we aim to educate children from a young age on the importance of recycling and making sustainable choices. Our Little Litter Pickers Programme was designed to educate future generations about the wider impact waste has on the environment.

Our Education Programme Leader, Maria Williams, has years of experience- previously working as a geography teacher in a local high school. Coupled with a BSc in Environmental Science and a passion for education and environmental protection.

Covering KS1 KS2, KS3, KS4 and KS5, we have designed a range of educational, fun-filled and interactive days that can be tailored to each school’s individual needs.

Prior to your visit, B&M Waste Services offer a FREE Waste Audit for your school, to ensure a bespoke lesson can be developed based on what the children are already accustomed to.

Little litter pickers group shot

Taking part in the Little Litter Pickers Programme is easy! Just follow the 4 simple steps below.

  • Step 1: Register Online
  • Step 2: Receive your welcome pack, which includes a pre-visit lesson
  • Step 3: Visit us! We have the option of either a half or full day experience
  • Step 4: Receive your follow up resources and continue on your waste minimisation journey

Little Litter Pickers (Primary Education) 

Little Litter Pickers LogoOur specialist KS1 and KS2 days are built around covering numerous areas of the Primary School National Curriculum, including;

  • Geography
  • Science
  • Art
  • Maths
  • English
  • PSHE
  • SMSC

B&M Waste Little Litter Pickers

Prior to your visit, Maria who is a fully qualified teacher, will provide the necessary resources for you to organise a litter pick and arrange a suitable time to conduct a waste audit to gain a full understanding of what you currently do with your waste. From there, your waste journey begins!

The next step is your visit to our Education Centre hosted by Maria, where you’ll meet Rosie and Ryan your recycling friends, and take part in your bespoke lesson which will explain:

  • where the waste your school produces goes
  • how it affects the environment
  • how you can minimise your environmental impacts by reducing, reusing and recycling more.

The day includes a number of interactive, fun and educational activities. And nobody leaves empty handed, as we recognise each child for their contribution during the day! Following your visit we provide you with further resources to continue your waste journey back at school.

Little Litter Pickers (Secondary Education and Beyond) 

B&M Waste Little Litter PickersLitter Pickers

Our Litter Pickers Programme isn’t just for primary school students, we also offer more in-depth days to suit secondary school pupils. Our lessons cover KS3, KS4 & KS5, the content of these days include (but are not limited to);


  • Geography (Recycling, sustainability, pollution, over-consumption, reduction of carbon footprints and much more!)
  • Science (Alternative energy sources, resource management & climate change)
  • Design Technology and Art (Recycling, waste reduction and reusing materials to design and create pieces of art)
  • PSHE, Citizenship and Enrichment (Discussing the moral implications of waste pollution on our environment, how and why we should recycle & manage our waste production)
  • Business Studies (How businesses grow to meet the needs of increasing populations, and their subsequent waste production. Using innovative technological solutions to reduce environmental impact of the waste. Covering marketing, customer service and other career opportunities in the waste industry)

What’s the Feedback?

B&M Waste Little Litter PickersLize Bell – Pensby Primary School, Wirral

“All information given today was relevant to the children’s needs.  Everything today was fabulous. Children learning young will lead by example.  These children are our future. Excellent day, thank you, very well presented”

Vicki Hughes – Wolverham Primary School, Ellesmere Port

“As a member of staff I really enjoyed this visit. It has inspired me to recycle more in school and organise more visits to Milner House, as part of the geography curriculum.”

Lindsey Kirby – Gorsewood Primary, Runcorn

“Overall we had a lovely day, thank you! Loved how the safety of the children was taken into account with gates on stairs. All information was relevant, we are focusing on recycling and reducing our carbon footprint”

Little Litter Pickers Superhero Day

Elaine Sumner – Edge Hill University

“The trip was extremely interesting and just what we needed. All of the students enjoyed the session and found it very useful for their teaching. Hopefully they will be able to bring the children from their schools in the future.”

Gemma Billington- Immaculate Heart of Mary Catholic Primary School Leeds

“The assembly was very informative and interactive for the children. They really enjoyed the song and have been singing it all around school! Our Year 1 children had a great time during the litter pick with the superheroes- it will definitely encourage them to keep the environment tidy and to reduce, re-use and recycle!”

Student- Archbishop Blanch C of E High School 

“We enjoyed our day very much. I learnt to reduce and reuse before recycling and how plastics damage our environment. I enjoyed creating new items from our waste and I will try to reduce the amount of products that I use in the future.”

Read our latest news stories

Little Litter Pickers Education Scheme launches with Winmarleigh Church of England Primary School.

About Our Education Centre 

Our state of the art education and innovation in recycling centre, ‘Milner House’, based in Bromborough, Wirral encompasses over 650 m2 of information, activities and equipment as a one stop shop for businesses wanting to learn more about, and improve their approach to waste management, be they a school, hospital, retail outlet, manufacturing outlet, office or other business.

Want to visit?

Those interested in taking the FREE tour, booking a Little Litter Pickers experience, business meeting or with further enquirers should contact who will arrange a suitable date and time and assist you further

Arrange your visit

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