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B&M tree planting sustainability

B&M tree planting – sustainability

Is sustainability good for your business?

This quote from the Brundtland Commission rings true to us when talking about sustainability: “sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Inherently, a sustainable business needs to be committed but why bother in the first place? Is sustainability good for your business?

We all know that the world’s resources are finite and yet numerous businesses are still not forward-thinking enough to commit to making their operations sustainable in the long term. It can merely take simple changes that we’ve all heard about – turning off your unused lights, recycling your paper and cardboard – to make an impact on your business’ green credentials.

But what is the benefit to business owners?

As well as preserving the world so you continue to have a business, overall improving your efficiency reduces costs. From energy-saving and motion sensor activated lighting to cutting down on your paper usage, there are many small and obvious changes you can implement within your office to become more efficient and in turn, ‘green’.

Public image is one of the most consistent reasons that companies have given for going green (McKinsey) and despite more businesses than ever aligning sustainability with its core values, public perception is still a very important concept. With three awards for sustainability / environmental business in 2014 alone, B&M Waste Services have built a reputation based on being carbon neutral. These awards and accreditations – including being carbon neutral since 2010 – all add to our credibility as a business.

As well as benefiting your own business, sustainability also helps your customers. Knowing that their business waste is being dealt with in a way that reduces their own carbon footprint is a powerful motivator for why our customers choose us. Many studies have shown that performance and sustainability can go hand in hand; it simply takes a strategy to prioritise where the best results can be achieved.

B&M are committed to setting an example with our environmental performance and as a carbon neutral company, are constantly looking for ways for customers to improve their own environmental performance in turn.

To find out more, check out our carbon management in business page.

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