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Belle Vale Shopping Centre

Belle Vale shopping centre (BVSC) is passionate about the environment and have been working hard to reduce their carbon footprint. The centre staff and tenants separate & recycle waste generated at the centre and has achieved ZERO waste to landfill. This great success continues as they now separate more waste than ever before.

The centre is located 6 miles south of Liverpool city centre right in the heart of the community of Belle Vale. With over 60 retail units, Jungle Fun children’s soft play area, Xercise4less Gymnasium and Area 51 Lazer Quest, the Centre is an exciting destination for shoppers of all ages. The numbers of visitors to the centre have increased over recent years and this has led to more waste being generated.Belle Vale Shopping Centre

As part of the shopping centre’s green ethos and environmental efficiencies, the management team chose to work with Carbon Neutral B&M Waste Services to provide innovative solutions to their waste management. Before any new services could be implemented, B&M Waste Services first conducted a free site audit.  The current waste streams were assessed to give a thorough understanding of BVSC’s recycling needs. As a Carbon Neutral Company B&M strive to achieve 100% diversion from landfill. By segregating waste at the source, more can be recycled, which in turn means less goes to landfill and less carbon is emitted.

After completing their audit, B&M Waste devised a recycling strategy to meet the current demands of Belle Vale Shopping Centre. B&M introduced additional bins such as 1100 litre euro bins for the collection of polythene and bins for the collection of plastic bottles & drinks cans. This has provided visitors and employees in the centre with more opportunities to segregate their waste, which has in turn increased BVSC’s recycling levels. A general waste compactor is also on site to lessen the frequency of collections needed each week. The wagons B&M Waste use can carry 16 bales of compacted waste; BVSC ensure they arrange a collection at 14 bales to guarantee a full payload and optimise the recycling schedule. Fewer collections means fewer vehicles which not only saves BVSC money, but also means less carbon is emitted overall.

The centre already recycles, cardboard & paper, polythene, plastic bottles and drinks cans. All remaining general waste is recycled at a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) facility rather than going to landfill. The RDF facility bales the waste which is then sent to a combined heat and power plant, which creates energy from the baled waste.

To ensure the new equipment is used correctly and the highest level of recycling is being achieved, staff training and clear signage has been provided for all the new equipment.

Belle Vale Shopping Centre receives bespoke environmental reports so they can see exactly where there waste has gone and how much they have recycled through different processes. BVSC are currently achieving 100% diversion from landfill with B&M and the new services in place.

Download Belle Vale Case Study

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