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110 Bishopsgate

skyline 110 bishopsgate
110 bishopgate landscape
110 bishopsgate

The Client

110 Bishopsgate is the tallest building in the City of London financial district and the third tallest in Greater London. It has 35 floors of office space, three restaurants and uses photovoltaics to generate renewable energy.

As the preferred supplier of Cushman & Wakefield, B&M were invited to work with 110 Bishopsgate after offering a total waste management solution across all waste streams at the site.

The Project

B&M performed a full site audit and advised on improvements that could make the waste disposal more efficient. It was found that the service area had 100 bins being emptied daily which caused delays and took up a huge amount of space. With very little segregation taking place beforehand – only the food waste from Sushi Samba, a tenant of the building, was segregated previously – this was also a very expensive service.

B&M’s solution focused on segregation of recyclables, glass and food from general waste. We installed two compactors on site which reduced the number of collections of general waste and mixed recyclables. Food waste is collected three times per week and is sent to Anaerobic Digestion: this is a more efficient, environmentally friendly solution than sending it to landfill, as the gas that is produced is used to generate electricity and a fertiliser rich in nutrients.

B&M provided full equipment and segregation training for the building tenants and employees. The increased understanding about what can be recycled has led to minimal contamination of waste. This results in higher quality recyclables, as current legislation requires. Bespoke literature was also provided in support of this so all tenants would find it easy to undertake the new recycling scheme.

Bespoke environmental reports are provided monthly which accurately measure recycling figures and carbon savings in the form of car miles and trees saved.

B&M also introduced innovative new technologies into 110 Bishopsgate to increase efficiency and monitoring of individual tenants. Industrial scales can measure the weights of each tenant’s waste which allow Cushman & Wakefield to invoice them more accurately. The new equipment installed on-site – including balers and compactors – deliver good payloads when collected: this minimises the number of collections and therefore carbon savings are maximised.

Working in partnership to implement this total waste management solution has resulted in an 89% recycling figure for 110 Bishopsgate. In addition to this, carbon savings equivalent to 17,000 car miles are achieved each month.

Wendy Mitchell, of B&M Waste Services, said: “We are delighted with the success of our partnership with 110 Bishopsgate and Cushman & Wakefield. The recycling results achieved are fantastic”.

Alex Hardingham, Facilities Manager at 110 Bishopsgate, said: “Working with B&M Waste Services has improved our environmental performance as well as assisting us in making the best use of the limited space in our service area.

“We have total confidence that we are receiving the best value service with a reputable and recycling-focused supplier who understands the needs of our business and act professionally to alleviate the worry out of our waste management”.

Download the full case study

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