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4 Problems caused by In-House Shredders

Categories: Shredding News

shredding gettyWhile initially an in-house shredder can seem like a good investment, many businesses find that, in some cases, it can cost twice as much than having a shredding service. We’ve put together a round up of some of the most common problems caused by in-house shredders that cause people switch to our secure document destruction service.

Cost to your Business

Initially, investing in an in-house shredder may seem like a cost-effective option. After all, once you have paid for it, it’s right there in your office for use at any time – right? However, maintenance and repair costs can fast add up to unexpectedly high costs. Therefore, it could end up being significantly easier to outsource your shredding and save yourself the worry.

No Trail of Destruction

Shredding your documents in-house means destruction before your eyes but also means there is no paper trail to prove they have actually been destroyed. Shredding companies will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction that can be used as evidence if there is any dispute about confidential material. With breaches of the Data Protection Act (1998) leading to fines of up to £500,000, you don’t want to get caught out.

Room for Error

Leaving your employees to take time out of work to shred means that, inevitably, standards could start to fall. Whether it’s being too busy to spend time standing at a shredder or simply throwing paper into the nearby recycling bin because it’s easier, the lockable containers provided by a shredding service eliminate a great deal of this margin for error. It’s as simple as throwing something into the bin but as an employer, gives you peace of mind that your data will be destroyed securely.

Media Destruction

While destruction of your confidential paper may be what you immediately associate with a shredding service, much of your sensitive information is also stored on laptops and computers. Deleted files can be recovered by widely available software so physical destruction is the only way to be completely certain that your confidential data is destroyed. An office shredder could not cope with this task but our Secure Shredding service offers a hard drive destruction service.

There’s no question that shredding your documents is one of the most effective ways to keep your confidential data secure and a reputable shredding service, such as B&M Secure Shredding, can give you peace of mind that your business will be secure from data protection breaches. To find out more, get a quote today.

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